Tooth brush cap……WOW!

“For healthy teeth brush your teeth twice a day”….one of the most common statement made by dentists. Brushing is often by al sorts of paraphernelia……selection of proper toothbrush (milld, medium, hard…..bristles in all sorts of orientation and all sorts of marketing strategy) Toothpaste(Fluoride-anti cavity, extra whitening, made up of herbal products, and each one recommended by all!….seems like too much of a choice) ¬†and all sorts of other things. But while noting these, we often overlook the toothbrush cap!

And like many, if i were not ask, as a part of curriculum for ‘Writing Across Media’ course, I would have overlooked, probably, all my life and never even flinched. Come to think of it….it can be one of the finest innovations…..Planning to travel and want to protect bristles…..CAP it! Afraid of letting tooth brush fall in wash basin……CAP it!…….Afraid of your dog licking your brush….CAP it!(I am not sure about this….never had a pet).

Anyways, come to think of it!…..How intricately it is designed! All plastic. From an engineering perspective……What stiffness? (need to hold it together throughout travelling, save itself from licking animals, etc) Requires easy locking and opening (push lock…push opening) (I love this part)….design of locking mechanism is such the difference in stiffness of the teeth and the parent material takes care of everything…..A plastic hinge to facilitate the rotation of crab like mechanism!….WOW… much goes in this seemingly banal object!

I know for a fact, i have missed SEEING things although I seem to see alot!….thanks to James Elkins (, I, at leas, know, I don’t really SEE everything i see!

Reference: Elkins, James. YOUR EYES. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.

Tooth brush cap……WOW!